Our catering services are focused on providing every level of pleasure one could gain from a food experience; the initial awe of the presentation, a well designed menu, sensational tastes and excellent service. 

Here are some reasons why pop-ups are popular:

  • Guest appeal. The millennial generation likes the novelty and creativity. And those guests can spread the word to their baby boomer parents.

  • Variety. Pop-ups are opportunities for operators to offer quick-hit innovations with frequently changing menus. A chef can operate a new pop-up for a weekend, close and open another one the following weekend.

  • Pop-up restaurants are mini-restaurants that temporarily operate in parks, plazas, galleries, warehouses, event centers and larger restaurants. Pop-up restaurateurs and their followers use blogs, Twitter and other social networks to inform people about the pop-ups. Some announce dining events just hours before they take place, and they often sell out.

Pop Up Restaurant

If you've imagined yourself coming home to delicious and healthy meals, a clean kitchen and the time to relax and savor the moment, then you've imagined yourself with a personal chef. Whether you are single or a family of four, our services will meet the needs of both your demanding schedule and your desire for freshly prepared meals.   
Together we'll design a customized plan with your dietary and taste preferences in mind; from organic and vegetarian menus to gourmet international cuisine and allAmerican comfort food.  We'll share our love for Locally grown produce, always looking to support local farms as we shop for the freshest ingredients.   

Private Chef Services


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